Therapy – if you need help with mental burdens

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General for therapy

Therapy derives from the Greek word (“Therapia”), which in this term means to heal from illness and injury. The way to try to understand and remedy patients with mental problems is complex, but with psychological methods one can try to help patients.

So when something in your life is not going the right way, whether it is small or big problems you can get clarification through therapy on how to act on these things. You imagine the traditional way of going to therapy, where you lie on a couch and the therapist sits next to you and notes the things you say.

Therapy for different mental disorders

At Psychology Group, are we specialists in different types of therapy. We treat Eating Disorders. The therapy for eating disorders can be very complex and therefore it is important to make a tailor-made plan for the patients in order to make them feel valued and help them as much as possible.

Eating disorders come in many forms and therefore it is also important to set personal goals throughout the process to come out on the other side with tools that can benefit the patient towards a life without the burden.

Stress comes in many degrees and is one of the most common things that our patients come with. And the way we try to treat stress is to find the core of it. Stress can result in substance use and in the worst case result in cardiac arrest. That’s why it’s really important to believe in yourself and realize when it’s time to go to therapy.

Is therapy the way to a better life?

Have you gone too long and felt like everything is pointless, do you have a stressful everyday so you forget to think about yourself or do you have a hard time with too many people in a room? If you recognise any of these three symptoms, therapy may be a way you can help yourself to a better life.

A better life in relation to the psychological, maybe you can get some peace of mind with a diagnosis and with tools that you can get through our tailor-made program for just you who is in need of help.

A life without the burden of what is wrong with you and how to move on from these problems. It can become clearer to you what these problems might be and how to deal with them.

Some of the diagnoses you may have been dealing with all your life without knowing it, which can be scary that you have never been able to articulate what it is you are really feeling and it can seem overwhelming, but at the same time it can help you to become even stronger – so therapy can help!

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